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Free La Mirada Fitness Class Continues to Grow

Free La Mirada Fitness Class Continues to Grow

La Mirada~Five-year La Mirada resident Robert Paul Adams is spearheading the way for a new free weekly fitness class that meets three times a week at La Mirada Regional Park.

After Marriage, Robert had reached a weight that was intolerable, and made a commitment to change his lifestyle and started a Tuesday night running group at the park.

After joining Herbalife and putting himself on a diet and workout regimen, he met two individuals that would eventually lead to the creation of this free and local fitness class in La Mirada.

Adams joined forces with Loni Tyler and Wendy Biddle and the three quickly realized there was a community interest in fitness, but a lack of free, organized and easily accessible opportunities to exercise in town.

The solution was the creation of a free workout class that is conducted three times a week and twice a day with the primary objective to provide fitness exercises for the community and information for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

“We provide the opportunity to create relationships with new individuals and by helping the community get fit, were also unintentionally, but happily knitting the community together,” Adams said.

The group continues to grow and regularly draws over two dozen participants and more.

The class meets on Mondays and Wednesday’s at 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and Fridays at 9:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. the class is usually one-hour long and consists of a full body work out including cardio, upper body, core and legs.

Student Government Achieving at Cerritos College

Student Government Achieving at Cerritos College

A Message from the President of the Associated Students of Cerritos College, Miles Aiello

Ever wonder what the Associated Students of Cerritos College (ASCC) have been doing at Cerritos College for students and student life this past year?

Remarkable and unprecedented efforts have been made that should be heard and noted by those who are associated with the college and community. Efforts include: avocation for Veterans, professionalizing the Student Affairs Office, along with community engagement, sustainability and student life in general.

We launched a new Veterans Day event that attracted over 300 people. It was emotional, powerful, and most importantly, served as a true reminder to the precious and delicate lives that are lost every day; lives that fight bravely and selflessly to defend our Nation so that we may enjoy all that we have and cherish.

Additionally, as a student body, the ASCC made strong efforts to reinvigorate a professional office atmosphere and refaced our campus perception. Further, we established a good rapport with a local nearby church; giving students the opportunity to provide much needed help and assistance to the less fortunate.

Moreover, we have been simultaneously pushing for Hydration Stations and other campaigns that relate to green technology and sustainable living. Hydration Stations currently passed and now for the first time ever, students at Cerritos College will provide fresh clean accessible water in pivotal locations around the campus for ALL who wish to hydrate themselves.