Owner/Editor-Tony Aiello 

Contributing writer-Brian Day

Contributing columnist-Pastor Jack Miranda

Contributing photographer-Grace Suphamark 

The La Mirada Blog Story

Tony Aiello at City Hall
La Mirada Blog founder Tony Aiello

It all began in 1999 when I began speaking about La Mirada on a fifteen-minute radio broadcast I paid for every Sunday in Hollywood-La Mirada talk radio was born.

At the same time, I was writing for the Southeast Cities Tribune, a newspaper based in Norwalk. It was run by Jay Johnson (has anyone seen Jay?) and it covered La Mirada news. It was the last paper to cover La Mirada news as it closed up shop in 2000.

Also in 2000, I began broadcasting "The Tony Aiello Show" on AdviceRadio.com-a live weekly hour-long on something called Internet Radio and we discussed social issues, politics, and of course La Mirada.

In the mid-2000's the show, basically an all-volunteer effort, was renamed "The La Mirada Blog Radio Show" and continued off and on until 2012. Many special guests appeared on the show over the years- a "Who's who of La Mirada".

At the urging of the community, I began to think of ways we can provide local news without having the burden of the cost to produce a newspaper. 

On January 30, 2004 the La Mirada Blog was officially born with its first post on something we called a web-log of information, or a blog.