Published author and 1976 grad of La Mirada High School Glen Cantrell is taking the lead role in the compilation. He will be responsible for overall management of the project, including any and all self-publishing and printing rights. He currently lives in Anaheim.

Glen Cantrell recently penned "The Resume," a Fiction Horror-Suspense novel from American Book Publishing and Bedside Books, available at:

Current resident Tony Aiello, born and raised in La Mirada, has become a bit of a celebrity around town for his very popular La Mirada Blog website: and its matching Facebook page and Twitter feed, where he not only shares breaking news and other tidbits of interest to residents past and present, but also bonds people through their shared, fervent nostalgia for the city. Aiello is a 1981 graduate from John Glenn High School and is the only one of the four who still resides in the city.

Raymond Fernandez, a 1993 graduate of La Mirada High, returns often to see his family who still live in the area. Fernandez brings years of sales and marketing experience to the project, along with his love of this city, just north of Buena Park.

Filling out the foursome is Morgan M. Hurley, daughter of Dick Hurley, longtime editor of the city's only newspaper, the La Mirada Lamplighter. Hurley graduated from La Mirada High School in 1978 and is currently an Assistant Editor herself, of an online news organization in San Diego, where she now lives. She will act as the lead editor for the compilation.

All four will make decisions that affect the flow and development of the book.

The team wants the stories for the compilation to span the entire history of the city, starting with its early unincorporated beginnings in the 1950s.

Requirements for each submission are as follows:

Each contributor is urged to send as many stories as he or she prefers, large or small; the time period of each story should be included therein, so readers will have a reference point.

Include as much detail as possible, such as street names (but no addresses), specific locations around the city, store, park or school names, etc.

Contributors are encouraged to give each submission a name, but are not required to do so; submissions are not limited to childhood memories, and can come from all age groups starting from freshmen's in High Schools.

Contributors are also asked to provide their full names and all contact information (phone number, email and address) for verification and follow-up purposes, although the submissions themselves may remain anonymous.

Further, the submissions can be made up of any of the following: funny stories, prank stories, love stories, high school sweetheart stories, first-love stories, intense and emotional stories, heart-breaking stories, stories of triumph and tragedy, receiving awards, any life-changing memoirs, paranormal stories, regrets, happy times, sad times, anything you can remember and are willing to share, as long as they are true and happened in La Mirada, California in the County of Los Angeles.

The four authors will own the rights to these stories once they are submitted, and although they will all go through an editing process, they will stick to the voice and style of the contributor as much as possible.

The Table of Contents will display the stories in a chronological order.

La Mirada is known for several recreational and cultural , the Splash Aquatic, one of the largest disc golf courses in the country; and the La Mirada Center for the Performing Arts. In years past, La Mirada was also home to the internationally acclaimed Fiesta de Artes annual art festival, and various graduates who have gone on to become famous sports, television or movie actors.

The virtual line separating Los Angeles and Orange Counties runs right through La Mirada, causing the town to split into two area codes back in the early 1970s. It is bordered by Norwalk and Santa Fe Springs to the west, Whittier to the north, Fullerton to the east, and Buena Park to the South.

For more information, contact Glen Cantrell at or visit this Facebook page: