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La Mirada, and Its News, Has Always Been a Part of Her Life

La Mirada, and Its News, Has Always Been a Part of Her Life

Morgan Hurley, Daughter of La Mirada Lamplighter Managing Editor Dick Hurley, Remembers Early La Mirada and Welcomes the New Lamplighter. Look for this story in this weekends edition of the new Lamlighter.

When I first heard that the La Mirada Lamplighter might be stepping back into the spotlight in my beloved home town, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about that.

After all, I was born right around the time my father, Richard (Dick) Hurley really began to come into his own with the original Lamplighter newspaper.

My older brother Jet was a few years older but away each week at school in Riverside, so until my sister Palmer and brother Blaze were born five and six years later, consecutively, the Lamplighter was my only sibling.

I say sibling because even though it was my dad's profession, my household lived and breathed that newspaper and it was an intimate part of my own childhood and life from my earliest days.

As a youngster, I proudly greeted every adult I ever met with, "do you know that little green newspaper, the Lamplighter? That's my daddy's paper."

I reveled in my dad's profession, accompanying him to the office while he worked, first in the stationery store down from Thrifty's in the Mall and then in an office in Ed Spitalnick's Realty office on Adelfa.

I can still smell the ink from the typing tape on his old fashioned Remington Rand typewriter, and the loud hum of his IBM Selectric in his later years.

Dad often brought me along when he had to do a photo shoot at public events, where he always held his Yashica Mat twin lens camera arms-length high above his 5'6" frame, eyes looking up into the viewfinder, to  get the best angle and shot over the crowd.

I was one of the first (if not the first) news-girls in town in 1975. I got up at 4 am every Thursday and 6 am every Saturday to stuff, fold, rubber-band and deliver up to 50 papers on my bicycle, to my neighborhood route , sandwiched between La Mirada Blvd and the Biola Creek.

Residents Past and Present Are Invited to Submit Stories For New La Mirada Book

Residents Past and Present Are Invited to Submit Stories For New La Mirada Book

History Book About La Mirada to be Filled With Real Stories

La Mirada~People who grew up in the local suburb of La Mirada, approximately 30 miles south east of Los Angeles, now have the opportunity to share memories of their childhood experience of living in the town.

Four current or one-time residents of La Mirada ("The Mirror"), so named by Andrew McNally, the patriarchal leader of the Neff-McNally family that later produced the Rand-McNally publishing corporation, have decided to take stories from other residents through May 1st, 2012.

Work on the book will then begin in January of 2012 and the expected publishing date will be sometime in December of 2012.

The four involved in the compilation are well-known in the community in their own rights and hope to spark a large response, as a result.