If you’re a homeowner, that was thinking of refinancing. This would be a good time to talk to your lender. If you are a homeowner, trying to get a loan modification, this would be a good time to ask your lender to complete a new BPO (Broker Price Opinion), especially if you have been trying to complete a loan Mod in the last 3 months. 

If your thinking of selling your home. You should take advantage of the low inventory and know that you will most likely get multiple offers and eventually sell your home for more than the listing price.

Which reminds me, when you list your home with any realtor. Please do not surrender to the realtor how the marketing will be done. In this market I would recommend listing the property 10% to 15% below the Comparative Market Value (CMA) you receive from your realtor in order to generate an auction mentality among buyers and agents. You’d be surprised how desperate buyers are to buy a home in La Mirada. Many of these buyers are willing to purchase with all cash just to get into a home here.

That does not mean that a buyer will pay top dollar for a fixer-upper. If you can it be best upgrading your property this summer and then putting it on the market. Buyers are looking for a home in a great city and we all know that La Mirada is one great community to raise a family.