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Lack of peace clouds La Mirada election cycles

Lack of peace clouds La Mirada election cycles

I have an Olive tree in the front yard and it’s wild.

There are a couple other olive trees way up Hesse Drive, but they’re tame, trimmed like a Bob Ross afro and circled by brick planters. Domesticated. 

I have the only wild olive tree on Hesse Drive.

The city of La Mirada has history with this species, the Greeks had a long name for it and La Mirada being a tree city, somebody needs to look up the long name.

Our 62-year-old city replaced a ton of olive groves according to resident historians Ray Fernandez and Tony Aiello, who say a bunch of olive oil was famously produced here.

The owner of this website got really pumped up, as historians are prone to get, when the original oil press from the La Mirada olive groves recently surfaced in Campo, CA. Where?

But enough dendrology, let’s talk about the symbolism of my wild olive tree and being a preacher; let me throw in some Bible. (more)