Phase 3 of the Measure I neighbored street improvements will soon be underway in La Mirada. The City Council awarded RJ Noble, which submitted the lowest qualified bid, to complete the project at its November 22, 2016 Council meeting.

Street improvements in Phase 3 are planned for the neighborhood streets bounded by Stage Road, Alondra Boulevard, Dalmatian Avenue, Barnwall Street, Ocaso Avenue, La Mirada Boulevard, Rosecrans Avenue, and the east City limit. Not included in this project are Stage Road, Alondra Boulevard, La Mirada Boulevard, Rosecrans Avenue, and Santa Gertrudes Avenue.

Improvements include resurfacing of street pavement, installation of curb access ramps, rehabilitation of storm drains, and removal and replacement of damaged curbs, gutters and sidewalks.

Phase 3 is scheduled for completion in summer 2017. Phase 4 of Measure I is under design and is scheduled to begin construction by summer 2017. The first two phases of the Measure I neighborhood street improvements were completed in fall 2015 and spring 2016.

“We are continuing to meet the objectives of the City’s robust Capital Improvement Projects program,” says Public Works Director/ City Engineer Mark Stowell. “Phases 3 and 4 are proceeding as planned and will provide updated infrastructure in the affected neighborhoods.”

As construction approaches for capital improvement projects, the City strives to notify residents and businesses in advance of the work. To identify projects funded by Measure I, signs are posted in the area where a Measure I project is in progress.

For more information on La Mirada’s capital improvement projects, call the City’s Public Works Department at (562) 902-2385.