One of two trees that fell over on Larrylyn Drive and Summershade Drive Thursday afternoon

A small thunderstorm cell with hail, first appearing in the west La Mirada area around 11:30 a.m., quickly traveled eastward and pummeled Green Hills with a micro burst lasting about 10-15 minutes, felling three large trees. 

Two very large 100-foot pines, Douglas Firs if you will according to a Blog FB fan, fell over with one of the trees landing on the home of Alex Han across the street at the corner of Larrylyn Drive and Summershade Drive. No injuries were reported. 

The tree gave the appearance of exploding on the house with the garage taking the brunt of the hit causing significant structural damage. Another tree similar in size fell over next door but appeared to missed the home, landing on the front yard and driveway.

Han told us he was sitting at his desk working and heard a loud noise and saw the tree fall just outside his window. He said if the tree would have been another ten feet longer he would have been struck.

Han said he had finished renovating the inside of his garage just two days earlier.

Just up the street on Spindlewood Drive a very large Eucalyptus tree fell over blocking the road completely to through traffic between Loganberry Drive and Larrylyn at last report.

A large tree blocks Spindlewood Drive Thursday afternoon

La Mirada Public Works had a busy day today and the next two days look to be busier as the main front of this very large, very cold winter storm that has pushed down from the Gulf of Alaska will move over Southern California Friday and Saturday with a rare blizzard warning for the local mountains.