After we boarded our “luxury motor coach” – we were not able to call it a bus because it was an insult to the driver – we went to Mimi’s Café for a breakfast consisting of 2 fluffy pancakes, 4 semi under-cooked bacon and scrambled eggs.  We also were served OJ.

We then boarded our luxury coach and made our way to Mt. Vernon.  During the hour long drive, most of us decided to take a nap.  Our tour guide, Molly, then loudly woke us up to make sure we were ready to leave the bus when we got there.  When we arrived at Mt. Vernon, I was amazed how beautiful the mansion where George Washington lived was.  It is over 500 acres and I can tell you that it sure felt like we walked most of it.  The part that really stuck to me the most was seeing the bed where George Washington died.  It was kind of weird looking at it, but very cool to know that I was there.   After walking a gazillion miles, we went to eat lunch at the overcrowded restaurants.  I had a pepperoni pizza and my friend Alan also had a pepperoni pizza.
We then took a quick bus ride to historic Alexandria and saw all the houses made out of brick.  Did you know that houses were very narrow to avoid paying taxes because they were taxed on the width of the house?  Also, if you didn’t have a fire tax plaque in front of your house, and if was on fire, your house burned to the ground.   

We then headed to the Smithsonian Museum of American History.  Wow.  This museum had so much historic stuff that if I wrote about it, I’d be writing until tomorrow, so take my word that it was big and cool.  It was also raining pretty hard.

 Next, we went to Union Station to eat dinner, and it was still raining and cold.  Most of us went different ways with our $5 voucher as this place had like 40 places to eat dinner.  I went to eat at Johnny Rockets with my dad and Alan.  We all had cheeseburgers but had to pay extra for the fries. 

Last, in the evening, we went to visit some very cool memorials.  We started with the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, then off to the Korean War Memorial, followed by the Lincoln Memorial.  The Reflecting Pool was under construction and that really stunk because it was empty and nothing but dirt.  We then went to the Jefferson Memorial and it was still raining and even colder.  Last, we visited Iwo Jima Memorial which was my personal best. I really enjoyed this Memorial because it made me realize the sacrifices our soldiers make to give us our freedom.  By the way, did I mention it was raining and cold?

Anyway, we arrived at our hotel called the Marriot Crystal Gateway at 8:45PM and the rooms are really nice.  I am very tired right now and am going to bed.  We are all completely exhausted and our feet hurt from all the walking. 

That’s it for now.