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Are you up for the challenge?

Can you handle the thrill of Camarones a la Diabla's fiery embrace?

The allure lies not just in its captivating heat, but also in its ability to harmonize contrasting flavors. 

The star of the show is the succulent shrimp, which are bathed in a devilishly rich red sauce - a blend of tomatoes, chilies, garlic, and various spices. The intensity of the spice level can vary, but it often packs a punch that's balanced by the underlying sweetness of the tomatoes and shrimp.

It’s served with a side of rice and beans, which helps temper the heat and provide a satisfying and filling meal. Try the bold flavors of Mexico's rich cuisine.

Tacqueria Las Comadres is located at 15008 Alondra Boulevard at Stage Road in La Mirada. 

(714) 562-9002