We then got back on our motor coach to leave for New York City.  We finished watching the movie, "Gettysburg," on the 2 hour trip to New York.  At New York, a tour guide gave us a coach tour of New York.  We first stopped at St. John of the Devine which was a really amazing cathedral.  I don't know too much about Westminster Abbey in England, but our tour guide said that Westminster Abbey can fit in the center of the St. John of the Devine and still have plenty of space left over.  In other words, this place was huge!  This is the largest cathedral in the nation and it is still unfinished, but how can you blame them because it's so big.  We also stopped at Central Park (very nice), passed by SoHo, Time Square and arrived at out hotel.  

For dinner, we walked to Bubba Gumps at Times Square.  The lights at times square were brighter than Las Vegas, and there were tons of people there.  It was very exciting.  At Bubba Gumps, I had the fish and chips, which was not very good, Anna had a cheeseburger, and Alex had the fried shrimp.  Immediately after dinner, we went to Rockefeller Center Top of the Rock and got some spectacular photos of the New York skyline.  On our way out of the Rockefeller Center, we took a wrong turn and the security guards told us to go the opposite way, which was another long walk.  Our tour guide was pretty mad about this and almost had the guy for lunch, but she was only trying to save us from walking more than the 100 miles we already walked just in this day alone.

Later, we arrived back at our hotel at midnight - yes midnight - and we still had to get ready for another long day, but New York is a really exciting place to be and I'm very happy to be here.

I am looking forward to the Statue of Liberty tomorrow.