We then departed to the Air Force Memorial.  It was a spectacular site, but more importantly, we ran into a bus load of World War 2 veterans.  I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Warren E. Cornwell, Senior.  He was a Chief Petty Officer for the United States Navy.  He was stationed in Pearl Harbor aboard the Destroyer U.S.S. Hastings.  He served in the Pacific and Western front.  After our 10 minute conversation, I shook his hand and thanked him for serving our country.  He appeared happy, but I was very honored to meet him and all the other veterans.

Then, we went to Arlington National Cemetery where we spent 3 hours and walked a few more miles. That didn't matter because we learned so much about the history of this hallowed ground.  But truly the best part of our time there was laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. 

At 6:15pm, I, along with three other students from Los Coyotes (Andrew, Jessica and Monica), had the incredible and rare honor of laying a wreath at the Tomb representing Los Coyotes Middle School.  I proudly wore my Boy Scouts of America, Troop 919 uniform to represent the Boy Scouts of America, the City of La Mirada and Los Coyotes Middle School.  The military guard permitted me to honor the memorial with the traditional Boy Scout salute.   Words can't describe the feelings of excitement and honor I had walking down the steps where past presidents and world leaders walked down.  I was truly proud to be an American and my friends also said they felt proud to be a part of something so awesome.

After we had dinner at the Pentagon City Mall, we arrived at our hotel at 9:00pm and went for a quick swim.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and we are sleeping in until 6:30am and heading out at 7:30 sharp.

It is now 10:15PM, past my curfew and I am going to bed.  Stay tuned.