La Mirada~Is this the end for the iconic fountain and water fall at La Mirada City Hall?

The 49-year old fountain and pools at La Mirada City Hall are showing their age and were shut down due to public safety concerns and excessive water loss and power usage, according to a recent staff report.

The item was discussed at the March 12 City Council Study Session.

The City Council now seems poised to make a decision about the future of the water feature, a familiar landmark of the La Mirada landscape.

Much of the feature still retains most of the original plumbing and electrical system-and it was failing. Also, the water pumps and valves used for the operation of the fountain were beyond their normal life expectancy and have to be replaced as well.

The pool surfaces also have multiple cracks and are in need of extensive repair. Saturated soil has been observed around the structure due to the leaks, the report indicated.

The disabled fountain consists of three pools with a water fall from the largest pool dumping water to a smaller pool which then flows to another smaller pool to the south of the civic center stairway.

Staff has identified three options for the City Council’s consideration.

Option 1: Restore and renovate the feature to its original condition and replace the entire infrastructure. Cost: $1,000,000-$1,375,000.

Option 2: Reduce and modify the total pool area and install landscape (planters, rocks, shrubs, etc.) and hardscape within the reduced area. The entire infrastructure would still have to be replaced for remaining pools. A new patio deck is also being considered (Option 2A) Cost: $1,750,000-$2,250,000.

Option 3: Eliminate all the pools and replace with landscape and hardscape improvements. This is obviously the most cost-efficient option, especially from a maintenance standpoint moving forward, but it will dramatically change the legendary look of the city hall grounds. Cost: $500,000-$750,000.

The fountain debuted with the dedication of the city hall building on March 20, 1970.