The marked decrease in reported crime can be attributed to several factors, including a successful blend of crime suppression, intervention and prevention. Some of these programs included the Antelope Valley Crime Initiative, Operation Cease Fire, and a Comprehensive Gang Strategy coordinating the efforts of Operation Safe Streets Bureau, Narcotics Bureau, and Community Oriented Policing Services Bureau, as well as other policing agencies.

The expansion of the “Gifts for Guns” program resulted in the removal of 5,334 guns from the streets in 2009, and the newly established Safe Drug Drop-Off program provided locations around the county where the public can safely dispose of illegal narcotics, prescription drugs and hypodermic syringes.

The Sheriff’s Department also initiated the Crime Stoppers Program, in which the public can anonymously report crimes via phone, text or email.

These initiatives, coupled with the hard work of Sheriff’s Department personnel and increased community involvement, have led to a marked decrease in overall reported crime. While describing the philosophy of Public Trust Policing, Sheriff Baca stated,”This reduction in crime is substantial, yet we can always do better. Our goal is to continue to encourage the public to cooperate in the solving of crimes in their community.”