The event was held every year on July 4th until 1992 when it was moved to July 3rd; with the idea that it would allow the Kiwanis and City of La Mirada organizers to spend the 4th of July holiday with their families at home.

Although the event was moved to the 3rd, it remained a Kiwanis-run event with limited city contributions and it was still held at the high school stadium and came complete with parachute jumpers similar to those from the celebrations in the 70’s.

2003 was the last year Kiwanis sponsored the event, ending an 18-year run (the club has sold tri-tip sandwiches at the event ever since).

This was also the same year artificial turf was installed at Goodman Stadium, thus the event was returned to Regional Park, its birthplace.

With Kiwanis stepping down from running the event the city reemerged as the organizer in 2004.

The City of La Mirada does a fantastic job pulling this off; providing a safe, family-fun regional event that attracts up to 20,000 people annually.