NOTE: The La Mirada Blog has been on top of this story since its inception. We spoke with the assistant superintendent Wayne Shannon who has been our contact throughout and he told us last week that we would know immediately, when everyone else did, so we could share with the La Mirada community. The school district chose to send the statement/release of the incident to Whittier and Long Beach news outlets this morning but not to us.

We had to find out second hand. When we finally got a hold of Shannon after he was unavailable most of the morning, he said they forgot to send the release to the LM Blog-it was a mishap, some miscommunication of some sort. Boy, talk about a school district out of touch with their community.

The La Mirada Blog already knew of the decision about Brooks this morning, but out of respect for him and the process we held off until the promised info from the district came first. The info that did not come until hours later and after we had to ask for it.

UPDATE 072314 16:46: The school district has since apologized for the miscommunication. Apparently the statement was sent to the secondary La Mirada Blog email address.