We have been covering the Genesis Awards since 2001. The La Mirada Blog is very sensitive to animal issues. If you know of any concerns or issues involving animals that you think should get more attention, please let us know. Celebrities lend their name to help raise awareness.

Enjoy the celebrity photos from past coverage that many of you have been asking for. Also, look for the 2008 photos to come out soon.  

19th Genesis Awards photos (2005)


17th  Genesis Awards photos (2003)


16th  Genesis Awards photos (2002)


15th  Genesis Awards photos (2001)

This, by far, will always be my favorite Genesis coverage. I met and interviewed Valerie Harper (Rhoda), I chummed it with Traci Bingham, met LA District Attorney Steve Cooley, and chatted with the now deceased, Dennis Weaver. I also met Genesis perennials, Linda Blair and James Cromwell, whom I interviewed for the first time.