"Reach High, Think Big, Work Hard, Have Fun!"

This Sunday, March 6th, The Imagination Movers are coming to the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts for two shows only-grab your tickets and your kiddos and get ready to have some fun!

Described by some as a cross between the Blue Man Group and Red Hot Chili Peppers FOR KIDS, the Imagination Movers promise a fast paced and entertaining show!  So who are the Imagination Movers--- have you EVER watched the Disney Channel???

This awesome quartet featuring Scott Durbin, Dave Poche, "Smitty" Smith, and Rich Collins bring forth music in a unique style delivering messages about reading, holidays, dogs, the tooth fairy, and so much more--- all matters kids care about in a "care about kids" way.  Their performance art captures the attention of kids and will not bore parents (like me who have heard way too many of some not-so-hip kids music)!

I had a chance to learn more about The Imagination Movers recently from Scott Durbin himself (you know, the one that used to have the long hair- now sporting a Mohawk-keyboardist and vocalist):

La Mirada Blog: What is the goal with The Imagination Movers in their performances that are "education" centered when teaching is now taking a different approach ie: Common Core?

Scott Durbin: Honestly, I think as long as the Movers keep true to creating music for the body and brain we’ll be on the right path. We know that childhood obesity is a significant problem and so we’ve made it a priority to promote being physically active. We feel that when you couple that with encouraging creative thought and expression, you’ve got the makings of a winning combination. But we don’t stop there - at the end of every concert, we tell kids everywhere to consider picking up and learning a musical instrument. We feel through our own modeling of playing live music for families, kids will see the power at their proverbial fingertips, and the educational research certainly supports the positive cognitive and emotional impact that learning music at an early age can have.

LMB: Tell us a little bit about your work with The Buddy Walk.

SD: We've been national partners with the Buddy Walk Program (through the National Down Syndrome Society) for a few years now. We’ve attended Buddy Walks, performed at them, raffled off signed guitars and other Mover memorabilia as well as donated a percentage of the money we raised during our crowd-funding campaign which helped bring about our most recent CD/DVD release, Licensed to Move. Working with the Buddy Walk Program has been a mission that is close to our collective hearts and as long as we get to do what we do - we’ll be serving the Down’s community selflessly.

LMB: What are the plans of Imagination Movers for the upcoming year?

SD: Big thing is we’ll be working on our 10th album. That’s crazy in and of itself! Through the ups and downs, the four Movers have remained friends and continue to be creative. We’re proud that the songs we wrote for the Disney show as well as the new music we’ve added. We continue to write and to create content that seeks to challenge our audience instead of pacify them. As for other endeavors, we’re hoping our animated concept, Super Movers, finds a broadcast home. I mean any show that let’s kids know that EVERYONE has the power to become a super hero (super kind, a super big brother, a super dancer), is something I’d want my kids watching; and we’ll continue to play live music for families near and far.

Catch The Imagination Movers this Sunday at two shows—1:00 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.  Show Length is estimated at 60 minutes.  Tickets are $15/Child and $20/Adult.  VIP Passes are $25 in addition to admission and include a meet-and-greet with the band including time to take photos and receive autographs.

Call the La Mirada Performing Arts Center Box Office at 562-944-9801.