Since this was our last meal for our trip, I had something special with my dad.  We both had some famous and delicious New England clam chowder soup and each had a juicy lobster.  The only thing about the lobster is that I felt bad because they cooked it alive.  The lobster was alive and the cook showed it to me before cooking it.  He told me if the size was OK, and I said, "yes".  He then threw it in this boiling pot for 10 minutes.  I still ate it, but felt a little uncomfortable, but it was still delicious, oh well.  We then ate our food quickly, because we only had 25 minutes.  By the way, I also had an oyster shot which I really didn't like but still ate it anyway. 

We then went to Logan Airport to wait for our 6:55 PM American Airlines flight.  Unfortunately, our plane was an hour and a half delayed, so we were hanging around the airport for about 3 hours.  Our plane left at approximately 8:25 PM, Boston time.  I was so tired and so was everybody else that most of us fell asleep for more than half the flight.  Our flight was a little over 6 hours and we arrived at LAX around 11:35PM. 

My mother, 2 brothers and sister picked both my dad and I at the airport.  My sister greeted me with a welcome home sign and a big hug.  My mom and dad kissed - ugh - and hugged us both.  I was happy to be back.  We picked up our luggage at baggage claim 3, I said goodbye to a few friends and drove back to our home. 

I was so excited about telling my family about our trip and showing them pictures that we didn't fall asleep until 2:15 in the morning.  Since my body was still experiencing the east coast time, that was 5:15 AM for me!  

It is now Friday morning and feel happy about being home, but I am missing the excitement of our trip.  I am NOT going to miss the early morning wake up calls or the quick lunches and thousand mile walks, but I am going to miss the awesome and historic places we visited and the friends I spent time with.  This trip gave me a different understanding of our country.  This trip made me proud to be an American.  I truly believe that every student should visit Washington DC or a Heritage trip.  Hopefully, when I read books in high school and we review American History, I can say, "I was there."  If there was something that was truly special about this trip, I would say it was laying the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns.  I was very honored and how many 8th grade students can say that they were given the privilege of saluting the Tomb of the Unknowns?

In summary, I would like to thank Mr. Tony Aiello and the La Mirada Blog for allowing me to share my Heritage Trip with you.  I would also like to thank my parents for paying (or investing) for this trip and my dad for coming on this trip with me.  I would like to give a huge thank you to Mr. Vrsalovich (Mr.V) for organizing this trip and being our chaperone.  He really worked hard and I appreciate him so much.  Did you know that Mr. V was the teacher who originally organized the Heritage trips for the Norwalk La Mirada Unified School District? 

If any parents are reading this blog and are considering their kids to go to a Heritage trip next year, please let them go!  This trip was awesome!  I will NEVER forget what I learned and what I saw.  My dad says that this was an investment in my education.  There are many fundraisers you can start early that will help with the costs early in the year.   You can call me and I will let you know how great this trip was.

Writing this blog was a lot of work!!!  I came to my room late every night during my trip and ready to fall asleep, but was excited about sharing my trip with you.  I actually fell asleep a couple of times on the bed as my body was so tired.  So, I am going to ask my Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Summers, if she can give me some extra credit for writing this blog, "Mrs. Summers, Can I get extra credit for this?"

Christian Covarrubias

8th Grade

Los Coyotes Middle School