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Wednesday, 03 March 2010 19:00

Arbys La Mirada across the street closes recently also.

La Mirada~It's official. After a year of speculation, the Vons Supermarket at 12710 Valley View (at Imperial) is scheduled to close March 27th.vons

The store has been there since 1968-42 years. This site predicted the store would close last April.


All Vons employees will be tranfered to other locations.

This has to be considered a blow to the other tenants in the Mirada West Center. Probably the most underated center in La Mirada, the center has long been one of the most consistent sales-tax providers to the city's coffers, despite many obstacles.



In the past few years, mainstays Rite-Aid, Omni Video, Kragen, have left, leaving the center to look like a ghost town at times. 

La Mirada families of the past enjoyed La Mirada icons National Lumber, Sprouse Reitz, Thrifty Drug, The Christian Book Store, and Winchell's to name a few, who once adorned the property as tenants.

When WOW! Fitness World opened it's doors this past summer,  there seemed to be hope of a resurgence, however, with this latest closing, that effort may be dampered.

The property currently houses long-time tenants including Jay's Kitchen that have been in the center since it's inception.

Vons shopper Alfred Vargas of  La Mirada, was shocked, "My wife shops here all the time. She is going to be very upset. This is devastating to the community."

Manager Jeff Judziewicz confirmed the scheduled closure,"Vons has sold the property, and as far as I know another tenant will be moving in."  He also mentioned that no reason has been given for the closure. 
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