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Thursday, 30 March 2017 18:36

Extra Revenue is Always a Good Thing

The City Council recently reviewed its annual mid-year budget report. The report showed an improving economy as key revenue sources remain stable with some expected to exceed budget estimates. Overall, General Fund operating revenues for the current year are expected to reach $43.8 million, which is $2.1 million over the budgeted amount. General Fund operating expenditures are projected at $30.9 million, which is slightly below the budget. These figures do not include fund transfers for capital improvement projects. The estimates reflect ongoing efforts to manage costs even with conservative budgeting.

The mid-year report also emphasized the City’s continued commitment to maintaining public safety as a top priority and ongoing investment in local infrastructure. At mid-year, Measure I revenues were $2.22 million. Revenues are projected to reach $6.10 million at year end, an increase of $425,000 or 7.48 percent above the conservative budget estimate. This funding source is used for neighborhood infrastructure repairs, and the third phase of improvements is currently in progress. The one percent Measure I sales tax ends on March 31, 2018.

“The City continues to budget conservatively and revenues have fortunately continued to meet or exceed the figures forecasted,” says City Manager Jeff Boynton. “City staff works to keep costs low while ensuring local services meet the community’s needs.”

The City is beginning to prepare its Budget for the 2017-18 Fiscal Year, which begins July 1.

2017 La Mirada City Council Results Certified

The City Council recently certified the results of the General Municipal Election held on March 7, 2017. John Lewis was elected to the City Council representing District 1 and Andrew Sarega was elected to the City Council representing District 2. The term of office for both is four years.

This was the first election by which members of the La Mirada City Council were elected by-district. Districts 3, 4, and 5 will elect representatives to the City Council in 2019. Steve De Ruse, Ed Eng, and Larry Mowles also serve on the City Council, as each was elected to an at-large four year term in March 2015.

Ed Eng was selected to serve as Mayor at the March 28 City Council Meeting. Mayor Eng has served on the City Council since 2015. Larry Mowles was selected as Mayor Pro Tem. Mayor Pro Tem Mowles has served on City Council since 2011. The terms of office for Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem is one year.

La Mirada Begins Third Phase of Neighborhood Street Improvements

Construction of Measure I, Phase 3 has begun in La Mirada. The Phase 3 project area includes the rehabilitation of residential streets in the area bounded by Stage Road, Alondra Boulevard, Dalmatian Avenue, Barnwall Street, Ocaso Avenue, La Mirada Boulevard, Rosecrans Avenue, and the east City limit.

Improvements include resurfacing of street pavement, new curb access ramps, storm drain repairs, and removal and replacement of damaged curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.

Phase 3 is expected to be completed early fall. Design for Phase 4 is approximately 95% complete and construction will begin later this summer in the area bounded by Rosecrans Avenue, Biola Avenue, Roma Drive, Whiterock Drive, La Mirada Boulevard, Alicante Road, and the east City limit. The first two phases of the Measure I Neighborhood Street Improvements were completed in 2015 and 2016.

“We are continuing to meet the objectives of the City’s robust Capital Improvement Projects program,” says Public Works Director/ City Engineer Mark Stowell. “Phases 3 and 4 will provide improved streets and drainage improvements in local neighborhoods.”

As construction approaches for capital improvement projects, the City will notify residents and businesses in advance of the work. To identify projects funded by Measure I, signs will be posted in the area of construction.

For more information on La Mirada’s capital improvement projects, contact the City’s Public Works Department at (562) 902-2385.



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